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Horizontal Lap & Bevel Siding - HBS Has All the Options

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J H Hardie example sidingLP Siding exampleWolf siding exampleMSR siding exampleDuration Siding example
MaterialFiber CementEngineered Woodstrand100% Closed Cell PVCFJ Western Red CedarPoly-Ash
Color Options20 colors or Primed16 colors10 colorsPaintableCan be painted any color
Lead Time1-2 week lead timeLess than 1 week2 Stock colors - Less than 1 weekStockStock - Short lead time for custom
Warranty30 Year Non-Prorated5/50 Year Limited Warranty50 Year Limited Lifetime1 Year20 Year Limited Product Warranty
Warranty RestrictionsManyManyFewN/AFew
ReturnsNoNoYes (full unopened cartons)YesYes
Ease of UseFairGoodBest - Very fast installGood - Longer length allows for fewer butt jointsBest - Longer length allows for fewer butt joints
Install Best Practice• Seal all edges and cuts twice.
• Seasonal installation requirements. No freezing weather application.
• Caulk All terminating ends.
• Maintain clearances off grade, patios and roof lines.
• Siding must not be in direct contact with masonry, concrete, brick, stucco, or mortar.
• Prime and paint all exposed surfaces including all drip edges.
• Seal all edges and cuts.
• Follow all gapping procedures.
• Seam Plates & White Hot Caulk all butt joints.
• Use Wolf starter strip and other available Wolf accessories.
• Install on battens for proper moisture cycling.
• Seal all edges and cuts.
• No clearance restrictions.
• Install in any temperature.
• Minimal contraction, minimal moisture cycling.
• No edge or cut sealing.
Historic ApplicationVery limited – Check municipalityVery limited – Check municipalityVery limited – Check municipalityYesReal wood appearance allows for sustainable substitution for wood products in historically approved applications
AestheticsMinimal Shadow LineMinimal ShadowlineSubtle ShadowingGood Shadow LineBold Shadow Line
Smooth/WoodgrainSmooth and WoodgrainSmooth and WoodgrainWoodgrainSmoothSmooth and Woodgrain
Matching MouldingsNoNoYesYesYes
Matching TrimNoYesYesYesYes
Absorbs WaterYesYesNoYesNo
Clearance RestrictionsNo ground contact. 2" off roof, 6" off grade, and 1/4" above windows.Min. 6" clearance off grade. 1" off roof and 3/8" above windows.Minimal 1/2" Clearance on any
surface that collects water.
8" Clearance per codeNo restrictions
Length12'16' (30% fewer Joints than 12')12' 6" 16' (30% fewer Joints than 12')16' (30% fewer Joints than 12')
Fastener TypeHD Galv NailHD Galv NailHD Galv Nail or StainlessStainless (recommended)Stainless (recommended)
Required Gapping1/8"3/16"NoneNoneNone
Required Gapping1/8"3/16"NoneNoneNone