Poly-Ash Moulding, Siding, and Custom Millwork

DURATION® Moulding & Millwork is the industry leader in Poly-Ash composite moulding and custom millwork production and produces all material from TruExterior® Trim and Siding Products. DURATION® Poly-Ash products combine the best performance attributes of natural wood, PVC, fiber cement, and engineered wood without the downsides associated with each of those product types. From mouldings and sidings to custom millwork, DURATION® guarantees products and projects that will stand the test of time.

Duration Moulding

DURATION® Moulding

Ultimate Durability, Ultimate Selection

DURATION® stocks 25 common profiles of mouldings, including various solid and traditional crowns. Thicker, more substantial profiles are available in 16’ lengths, while smaller profiles come in 8’ lengths. Their growing library of 250 semi-custom mouldings offers time and cost savings to customers with the knife tooling in-house and readily available. DURATION® also offers the capability to produce custom mouldings and regularly matches existing profiles, unique profiles, or those of other manufacturers.




Quality Siding, Premium Performance

DURATION® Moulding & Millwork stocks beveled siding profiles, tongue and groove nickel gap siding profiles, corners, and shake panels for your next siding project. Their semi-custom capabilities allow them to produce siding with existing tooling in different dimensions and profiles without the need for custom knives. A heavier "woodgrain" texture is available on many siding options upon request. DURATION® also specializes in custom siding profiles for projects that aim to replicate a historically significant profile, fill a required size, or simply match an existing profile.


Duration Custom Millwork

DURATION® Custom Millwork

Master Millwrights, Architectural Excellence

With over 200 years of combined knowledge & experience, DURATION® millwrights are masters in their craft. The level of architectural detail in their millwork and their ability to engineer unique solutions is unmatched in the industry. DURATION® custom millwork offerings include balustrade systems, battens, columns and wraps, corbels and brackets, sills and sub-sills, and much more.


Our Showroom, Your Experience

We invite you to visit our innovative and modern showroom where you can see and explore the many options we have on display. Our expert staff will guide you through your options. We offer a concierge service for our building professionals and will help your customers select just the right options for them so that you can spend more time on the job saving you time and money.