Horizontal Lap & Bevel Siding - HBS Has All the Options

Price $ – Fair $ – Fair $$ – Good $$$ – Better $$$$ – Best
Durability Fair Fair Best Good Best
Material Fiber Cement Engineered Woodstrand 100% Closed Cell PVC FJ Western Red Cedar Poly-Ash
Color Options 20 colors or Primed 16 colors 10 colors Paintable Can be painted any color
Lead Time 1-2 week lead time Less than 1 week 2 Stock colors – Less than 1 week Stock Stock – Short lead time for custom
Warranty 30 Year Non-Prorated 5/50 Year Limited Warranty 50 Year Limited Lifetime 1 Year 20 Year Limited Product Warranty
Warranty Restrictions Many Many Few N/A Few
Returns No No Yes (full unopened cartons) Yes Yes
Ease of Use Fair Good Best – Very fast install Good – Longer length allows for fewer butt joints Best – Longer length allows for fewer butt joints
Install Best Practice • Seal all edges and cuts twice.
• Seasonal installation requirements. No freezing weather application.
• Caulk All terminating ends.
• Maintain clearances off grade, patios and roof lines.
• Siding must not be in direct contact with masonry, concrete, brick, stucco, or mortar.
• Prime and paint all exposed surfaces including all drip edges.
• Seal all edges and cuts.
• Follow all gapping procedures.
• Seam Plates & White Hot Caulk all butt joints.
• Use Wolf starter strip and other available Wolf accessories.
• Install on battens for proper moisture cycling.
• Seal all edges and cuts.
• No clearance restrictions.
• Install in any temperature.
• Minimal contraction, minimal moisture cycling.
• No edge or cut sealing.
Historic Application Very limited – Check municipality Very limited – Check municipality Very limited – Check municipality Yes Real wood appearance allows for sustainable substitution for wood products in historically approved applications
Aesthetics Minimal Shadow Line Minimal Shadowline Subtle Shadowing Good Shadow Line Bold Shadow Line
Smooth/Woodgrain Smooth and Woodgrain Smooth and Woodgrain Woodgrain Smooth Smooth and Woodgrain
Matching Mouldings No No Yes Yes Yes
Matching Trim No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Absorbs Water Yes Yes No Yes No
Clearance Restrictions No ground contact. 2″ off roof, 6″ off grade, and 1/4″ above windows. Min. 6″ clearance off grade. 1″ off roof and 3/8″ above windows. Minimal 1/2″ Clearance on any surface that collects water. 8″ Clearance per code No restrictions
Length 12′ 16′ (30% fewer Joints than 12′) 12′ 6″ 16′ (30% fewer Joints than 12′) 16′ (30% fewer Joints than 12′)
Fastener Type HD Galv Nail HD Galv Nail HD Galv Nail or Stainless Stainless (recommended) Stainless (recommended)
Required Gapping 1/8″ 3/16″ None None None