Lumber & Building Materials

The basis of any strong foundation

Here at Hamilton Building Supply, we are committed to providing quality products that stand the test of time. With any project, a solid foundation is key to its success, and we supply an extensive range of lumber, lumber-related products, and building materials to meet this need. Along with our inventory of products, we have industry experts on-hand who can provide any guidance or assistance along the way.

Drywall & Steel Studs

We stock a variety of drywall products along with the tools necessary for proper drywall installation.

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Engineered Lumber & Trusses

Hamilton Building Supply has many engineered products in stock and offers the technical help you’ll need to choose the appropriate products for your specific project.

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Framing Lumber

We stock dimensional framing lumber exclusively in Douglas fir, the strongest and most stable species on the market.

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Insulation & Building Wraps

With our commitment to helping build energy-efficient homes and buildings, we offer a wide variety of insulation that can be installed without special skills or equipment.

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Plywood & Sheet Products

Hamilton Building Supply keeps many different types of sheet goods on hand at our facility, and can special order other sheet goods if necessary.

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Sound Control

Let our experts advise you on the right sound control products that offer sound dampening and additional insulation qualities.

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Treated Lumber

We proudly offers MicroPro #1 grade pressure-treated wood along with fire retardant lumber in both framing lumber and plywood.

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Hamilton Building Supply offers trim boards in a variety of softwoods and hardwoods and in many sizes to accommodate any application and appearance.

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