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Partner With Our Designers to Create Your Dream Kitchen & Bathroom

At Hamilton Building Supply, our standard is to deliver the best possible customer experience throughout the entirety of a cabinetry project, from start to finish. We confidently achieve that standard by maintaining these principles:


  • Every project is unique. To accommodate varying specifications, we carry product lines that fit within any budget requirement.
  • Whether your cabinets need to be economical, ultra-luxury or anywhere in between, our cabinet lines can suit your needs.
  • Establishing and maintaining an appropriate budget for your project is an important initial step to begin any design process.
  • You should know what you’re going to pay for cabinets early on in the process so that expectations are clear from start to finish.


  • Time management is critical to project success. We fully commit our time to our clients who are fully committed to the project.
  • Our showroom demonstrates every product line we offer in various functional applications.
  • Our design team is highly experienced and utilizes rendering software to layout a space to suit your specific needs.
  • Designers will request and hold jobsite meetings to review and finalize all critical details and specifications.


  • Our delivery service is fast and efficient, and we understand the importance of having a seamless cabinet delivery.
  • Every cabinet delivery will arrive with two men on the truck and the installer should be present at time of delivery.
  • Cabinet deliveries can also be made direct from the manufacturer if the jobsite can accommodate a tractor trailer.
  • Every delivery is completed with several pictures taken of the material and recipient authorizes completion of delivery on our tablet.


  • Cabinet design and supply doesn’t end at delivery. Production and installation support is the last critical step to a successful design.
  • Installation binders are provided to help guide the carpenter through the installation process.
  • Our designers will prepare an installation binder full of elevation layouts, renderings, appliance specifications and other details.
  • We will help move a project along as quickly and seamlessly as possible to deliver a positive customer experience.
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