Our Mission Statement:

To be an equitable partner with our customers by providing unique and value-added building material solutions, supported by a dedicated team that always seeks positive experiences.

Back in 1924, Hamilton Building Supply was founded on the principle that better products and better service will help builders craft better homes. Fast forward nearly 100 years, and we’re proud to say that those same principles still drive our business today.

Back to the Beginning

People always say, “if those walls could talk…” and if ours could, they would reveal a rich history of delivering top quality building materials from some of the nation’s most trusted manufacturers right to your doorstep. Everything from the inside out, we supply some of the best in windows, doors, siding, trim, mouldings and more while adhering to the strict constraints of your project.

A strong house begins with a solid foundation, and ours began with Stanley and George Hutchinson, the original founders of Hamilton Building Supply in 1924. At that time, the focus was on the sale of masonry products like cement and lime, but soon expanded into lumber, coal and other building materials.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do, which is why we once again expanded in recent years to launch DURATION® Moulding & Millwork, a product line of siding, moulding, and millwork accessory components fabricated out of fly-ash composite material, known as poly-ash.

The Coleman Chapter

The groundbreaking product offering of DURATION® Moulding & Millwork came while Keith Coleman was at the helm of Hamilton Building Supply. But let’s take a step back for a moment to talk about the Coleman Chapter at Hamilton Building Supply. It began in 1967, when Jess Coleman Jr., with help from his brother Earl Coleman, purchased the fledgling business. Jess had worked at Hamilton Building Supply prior to purchasing the business, while Earl had become a successful car dealer.

With help from Jess’ sons, Kim, Kip, and Keith, the company experienced substantial growth that included proprietary product lines, pre-hung door manufacturing, custom millwork, tool rental, window and door service technicians, and much more.

Today at Hamilton Building Supply

Hamilton Building Supply is continuously working to be the best provider of building material products and solutions to professional contractors and project owners. The company has been expanding its market reach throughout New Jersey, New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and parts of Delaware and Maryland to better serve its customers. More importantly, the company takes great pride in all of its very talented and dedicated associates.

John Perna currently serves as the President of Hamilton Building Supply. As someone who worked in every capacity here at Hamilton Building Supply, John is poised to uphold our tradition of innovation and will continue to bring the best building products to builders, contractors, and homeowners throughout the tri-state area.

Here at Hamilton Building Supply, it’s all about building. Building trust. Building relationships. Building your book of successful projects. If you don’t see something in our showrooms, ask and we’ll order it for you.

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