Exterior Trim

Put the finishing touch on your home

Trim can add visual interest to your exterior while protecting your home’s internal structure. Whether you’re looking to add trim around porches, windows, eaves or entryways, we’ve got the styles and materials to match your existing facade.

TruExterior Poly-Ash


TruExterior products are made with fly-ash, a by-product recovered from coal combustion. When fly-ash is combined with polymers, it becomes a durable material that’s ideally suited for exterior siding and trim as it is extremely resistant to moisture and bugs once installed. TruExterior offers you the versatility to create virtually any custom look that you want for your home.

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WindsorONE Primed Pine

windsor one primed pine trim

The first thing you notice when you admire a home is the detail work. A builder’s craftsmanship is what gets them noticed and generates referrals. Builders use WindsorONE because every stick of WindsorONE is smooth, straight and comes with an industry leading prime coat. Focusing on detail and craftsmanship is what has made WindsorONE a leader in the interior/exterior trim market since 1972.

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ACRE by Modern Mill

Board and Batten

ACRE's patented technology melds together rice hulls with other ingredients to create a new material with extraordinary properties. Not only is ACRE a sustainable, low-maintenance alternative to wood, but it’s also a pleasure to work with on the jobsite. It’s lightweight and easy to carry, yet every piece is strong, rigid, and straight. ACRE is easy to cut with ordinary woodworking tools, waste is minimal, and it takes paint, stain, and lacquer just like real wood.

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Wolf PVC

wolf pvc trim

Wolf Trim is made from high-density PVC that will not absorb moisture. It is easy to work with, suitable for ground and masonry contact applications, and never needs to be painted - unless desired. Wolf Trim offers all the advantages of premium PVC performance — without the premium price. Wolf Trim is available in smooth matte and rich woodgrain finishes.

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