Hamilton P.A.C.E. - "Delivering at the speed of your project"

PEOPLEOur delivery service is built on our team of sales associates, drivers and loaders

  • Our delivery team is made up of skilled drivers, loaders and helpers who get to know you, your company and your preferences on how material should be staged on any of your jobsites.
  • Our delivery team is the face of Hamilton Building Supply when we’re on your job, so you should expect a friendly greeting, a run-down of materials that are being delivered, an inspection of the delivery drop zone and safe, protected placement.
  • Our sales team will work with you or your project manager to establish a suitable delivery day and time frame that works ahead of your project schedule.

ACCOUNTABILITYGreat delivery is fully accountable to your company and your project

  • Every delivery is tracked through an order management system that is organized by route, location and truck.
  • We have GPS coordinates on all of our trucks at any given time and we know exactly what stops have been made and what stops are left on the delivery journey.
  • Every delivery is completed with several pictures taken of the material after it is placed and GPS coordinates are assigned to the location.  Customer recipient authorizes completion of delivery on our tablet and we’re on our way.
  • All of that information is immediately attached to your order and can be recalled at any time by our sales team.

CLEAR COMMUNICATIONA well-executed delivery starts and ends with proper planning

  • Having material delivered means getting what you need to do the job exactly when you need it.  At Hamilton we’ll make sure we have the inventory you need to keep your project moving forward.
  • If we don’t have an item, our sales team will suggest a substitution or a modified item that can suit your needs.
  • Our sales team will work with you to ensure there is adequate help on site to safely unload and stage material.
  • Our drivers will call you in advance of your delivery to let you know they’re on their way.  Timing and efficiency are everything and we want our team and your team to be ready when we roll up on site.

EQUIPMENTPrecise delivery requires a well-equipped fleet

  • Hamilton has an arsenal of delivery equipment that allows us to place your material in the right spot on any jobsite.
  • Nimble pickup trucks for sending out small loads very quickly.
  • Extra tall box trucks for loading whole houses of windows and doors.
  • Flatbed Trucks with 4-Way Moffett forklifts to drive your material to any spot on a jobsite or up to a second level
  • Liftgate Trucks