In-stock and custom structural and decorative columns

Get all the support and style you need with custom columns from Hamilton Building Supply. We do it all — from column wraps to decorative interior or exterior elements, our craftsmen can design or replicate columns, capitals and bases to fit your needs.



DURATION® is the industry leader in poly-ash moulding, siding, and custom millwork. Their custom millwork offering includes complete square columns or partially assembled column wraps with base and capital assemblies completed to your specifications. DURATION® products combine looks and performance and their columns are engineered to be beautiful and durable.

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Fypon manufactures thousands of decorative polyurethane millwork elements in a variety of architectural styles. Fypon’s column wraps can easily be installed over existing support systems for an impressive and elegant finishing touch on a home or building. The column wraps are low maintenance and easy-to-install as they come with all the parts needed.

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HB&G Columns


HB&G is a manufacturer of front porch columns, interior columns, and exterior columns, known for their quality, innovation and top-notch craftsmanship. HB&G offers an extensive selection of decorative and load-bearing columns with a wide variety of sizes, styles and material options to choose from including fiberglass columns, aluminum columns, wood columns, and PVC column wraps.

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Intex Column Wraps

Intex Columns

INTEX Millwork Solutions is dedicated to preserving the integrity of historical structures while embracing modern materials and techniques. INTEX Column Wraps can be applied around existing structural members or used in stand-alone, non-structural applications. Available in several sizes, styles, and configurations along with custom options, the design possibilities are unlimited.

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Turncraft Columns

Turncraft’s long history of high-quality craftsmanship is reflected in its entire product line, designed to add elegance and value to any building project. Turncraft offers in-stock columns to custom-built solutions covering various architectural designs and styles. In addition to their wood columns, they offer columns made of alternative building materials like fiberglass-reinforced polymer and expanded cellular PVC.

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