Door Shop

Our Door Shop builds to the highest level of product craftsmanship and quality.

Hamilton Building Supply stocks more interior doors than any other distributor in the area. Our state-of-the-art Interior Door Shop enables us to produce such specialty products as trapezoid-shaped cut-down units and full access bi-fold doors. Our sales associates will provide you with personalized service as they guide you through the door selection process. Almost all interior door units are assembled and pre-hung on site in our Residential Door Shop under strict quality control procedures. We even machine new doors for existing frames so that updating the doors in an older home couldn’t be easier. Simply bring your existing door to us and we will match your new door perfectly so that all you need do is put the door back on the existing hinges.

Door Shop

To assist you in ordering doors and determining the proper door opening specifications, please refer to our quick and easy Door Handing Guide.

  1. 3 ball bearing hinges with 1/4” radius corners are standard for reduced friction.
  2. Heavy duty plastic closure clips are installed on each unit to promote damage free shipping.
  3. Lock Blocks on both sides.
  4. Wood stiles – MDF top and bottom rails.
  5. Triple bottom rail – can be cut to 6’6” with ease.
  6. Heavy duty 3/8” x 1 3/8” stop moulding is standard on every door unit.
1-4 Units 2-3 Days
5-9 Units 4-6 Days
10-24 Units 7-10 Days
24+ Units Call Hamilton for a lead time
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