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Building and remodeling projects don’t just end once the framework goes up and the drywall is installed.That’s the point when detailed and often delicate finishing touches begin. These tasks can be time-consuming and daunting for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. In fact, many manufacturers of such items as front entry doors will void a warranty if the door has not been fully sealed immediately upon installation. Hamilton Building Supply is aware of these warranty restrictions and because we want to simplify your life, we offer pre-finishing options on many of the products we sell. We can pre-prime, prime and one-finish-coat or prime and two-finish-coat just about any item, and do it all in a climate controlled environment. Clear coating and staining options are also available. Now you can stop worrying about whether or not Mother Nature is going to cooperate and provide weather that’s conducive to proper finishing. Avoid the need to hire a professional painter or secure extra helpers… just give us the specifications and we’ll take care of the rest! In fact, we just recently expanded this service to include pre-finishing of interior doors!