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Hamilton Building Supply takes great pride in our Custom Millwork Division, where we can modify or repair any existing moulding, trim or historically accurate piece of millwork or totally replicate an original millwork design. That’s because our craftsmen possess innumerable years of experience coupled with superior talent, attention to detail, time-tested techniques and high quality building materials. Our staff has built a reputation for excellence and can be relied upon for fast response times and quick turnaround on both straight and radius moulding requests.

Whether you’re in need of a historically-correct millwork piece, a single piece of custom crown moulding, or an elaborate entry door system, our highly-skilled craftsmen will respond to your every need. We maintain an extensive library of custom moulding profiles; and when necessary, our custom shop manager will inspect existing site conditions and even create detailed architectural shop drawings for confirmed orders.

Please click here for stock and custom moulding profiles. AutoCAD files are also available for architects, as needed.