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Founded in 1924 by Stanley and George Hutchinson, Hamilton Building Supply traces its beginnings to the sale of masonry products such as cement and lime.  As the company grew, it expanded its inventory to include lumber, coal and other building materials.

In 1967, Hamilton Building Supply was purchased by Jess Coleman Jr. and his brother, Earl Coleman.  Jess was a local farmer who spent his winters working at Hamilton Building Supply and Earl was a car dealer entrepreneur.  After several years, Earl sold his share in the company to Jess so that he could devote his time and energy to his growing car dealership enterprise.  Today, Coleman Auto Group thrives as a well-known car dealership in Mercer County. Jess continued to lead Hamilton Building Supply, and eventually brought three of his sons into the business as part owners. Kim, Kip and Keith Coleman worked together with their father to grow Hamilton Building Supply. Under their joint leadership, the company expanded into such specialized building divisions as pre-hung door manufacturing, a custom millwork shop, a commercial door division and a tool rental department.

Jess Coleman, circa 1968
Jess Coleman, circa 1968

Jess Coleman and his sons, Kip and Kim have all since retired from the business, leaving Keith Coleman to run the company.  After a few years of running Hamilton Building Supply on his own, Keith has spearheaded the launch of DURATION® Moulding & Millwork, a product line of siding and millwork accessory components fabricated out of fly-ash composite material.  DURATION® Moulding & Millwork is a subsidiary of Hamilton Building Supply and ships product throughout the eastern seaboard.

Today, Hamilton Building Supply is now lead by John Perna, President of the company.  John has spent his career in the lumber and building materials industry, and has worked in every capacity at Hamilton Building Supply, as well as working on construction crews.  Under John’s direction, Hamilton Building Supply will continue to provide the best possible product and service mix it can offer to professional builders and remodelers in the tri-state area.

We thank our customers for their continued support of Hamilton Building Supply throughout the past 97 years and for many years to come!

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