Jess Coleman, circa 1968

Founded in 1924 by Stanley and George Hutchinson, Hamilton Building Supply traces its beginnings to the sale of such masonry products as cement and lime. As the company grew, it expanded its inventory to include lumber, coal and building materials.

In 1967 Hamilton Building Supply was purchased by Jess Coleman Jr. and his brother, Earl Coleman. After several years, Earl sold his share in the company to Jesse so that he might devote his full energies to his automobile dealerships. Today, Coleman Auto Group is a well-known dealership in Mercer County. Jess continued to spearhead Hamilton Building Supply, eventually bringing three of his sons into the business as part owners. Kim, Kip and Keith Coleman worked together with their father to grow Hamilton Building Supply. Under their joint leadership, the company expanded into such specialized building divisions as pre-hung door manufacturing, a custom millwork shop, a commercial door division and a tool rental department.

Keith Coleman, President & CEO

Keith Coleman, President & CEO

Jess Coleman and his sons, Kip and Kim have all since retired from the business, leaving Keith Coleman at the helm of the company as its President and CEO. Under his management, Hamilton Building Supply continues to provide small to medium size professional builders and remodelers with services that no other area materials dealer can match. Keith Coleman has also served as President of the New Jersey Building Material Dealers Association (NJBMDA), President of the Independent Dealers Education Association Services (IDEAS), Chairman of the Board of the Philadelphia Reserve Supply Company, and Board Member of the National Retail Lumber Association (NRLA). He has also served as a board member of the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers Association, representing the national interests of New Jersey Building Materials Dealers and affiliated companies.