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Hamilton Building Supply takes its commitment to accurate, on-time delivery very seriously. We know that time is money, and profitability depends on work crews having the correct materials on-hand when and where they need them.  We maintain a fleet of vehicles that can deliver any order to any jobsite, whether it’s a home remodeling project or the construction site for a new office building. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices so we always know where your order is and can provide you with ETA’s that are amazingly accurate. We also know when road conditions require a revised delivery route, and we routinely notify drivers accordingly.

Our vans are a familiar sight as they travel throughout our service area. Our boom truck makes light work of above-ground deliveries and can place product as high as 4 stories up. HBS’s Moffett truck makes short work of navigating construction sites and placing materials as close to the installation point as possible. Because our trucks are on the road continuously, we can easily drop off those extra two sheets of plywood you’re short or that box of nails you forgot to order, allowing you to keep your full crew working throughout the day.

On time, accurate, professional delivery – it’s all in a day’s work at Hamilton Building Supply, and just one more way we “Simplify Your Life.”

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