Welcome To Hamilton Building Supply

Welcome to Hamilton Building Supply

At Hamilton Building Supply you’ll never be just a number or a name on a list. When our customers enter our showroom, they’re greeted with a smile from a familiar face. Need help figuring out a project you’re about to start? No problem. We’ll provide you with customized solutions that are within your budget. Need a delivery by a specific day and time? No worries. We deliver when and where you need your order, and our deliveries are FREE of charge. Have a custom job that needs special attention? Hamilton Building Supply is where you want to be! We pride ourselves on having the largest and most diverse inventory of any supplier in the area. In fact, if we don’t have something you need in stock, you can trust us to suggest an appropriate alternative product or we’ll do our best to obtain a requested building material in time for you to meet your schedule. Our Custom Shops have achieved a reputation for excellence that far outdistances the competition. These are just a few of the many reasons why Hamilton Building Supply has been successfully serving professional builders, contractors, remodelers and property owners throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania for over 90 years. We invite you to visit our showrooms, browse our professional displays and get to know our sales staff. Please join our family of satisfied customers! We promise you incomparable service, the best products from trusted manufacturers and the greatest value for your purchasing decision.

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Featured Product - Roxul Comfortbatt®

Roxul Comfortbatt® - The perfect insulation for exterior walls, cathedral ceilings, attics, basement walls, exposed floors and heated crawl spaces, this semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge that allows for easy and efficient installation. The batt compresses easily as it’s fitted into wall, attic, ceiling and floor frames; and once inserted, the flexible edge springs back, expanding the batt against the frame studs for an absolutely complete fill. You’ll enjoy the many advantages of Roxul! It’s non-combustible, water resistant, easily cut and provides excellent sound absorbency. Roxul will not rot and does not promote the growth of fungi or mildew. And because it’s made from stone ash, you won’t be subjected to that scratchy, itchy sensation normally associated with traditional fiberglass insulations.

Roxul ComfortBatt