The Remodelers Group at Hamilton Building Supply provides an informal forum conducive to the exchange of information and best practices among professional remodelers, contractors and  architects. A no-fee/no-obligation association, TRG’s monthly meetings deliver informative presentations by knowledgeable guest speakers on topics that are pertinent to the industry. Members network, share ideas and concepts, learn about new regulations and laws and gain a better sense of what’s happening not only locally, but throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the nation as a whole. Each meeting begins with a one-hour cocktail hour sponsored by a respected manufacturer. Dinner and guest speakers immediately follow.

The following is just a sampling of some of the topics that have been covered in TRG meetings:

• How to Find and Develop New Remodeling Talent
• New Codes Are Coming – Are You Prepared
• The 5 Things Your Contract MUST Have in 2015/2016
• Sales Tax – Collecting, Paying & Managing ST8’s

Attendance at TRG meetings is limited to any principal of a building or remodeling company (or senior member of a building or remodeling company that has 10 or more employees). Information about upcoming meeting dates and topics can be found on our Events page. Questions? Please call us at 609-587-4020. Please click here to access information about our upcoming TRG meeting for March 27th, 2018.