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Hamilton Building Supply provides clients with the ability to consider many different styles and compositions of siding from leading manufacturers. A wide range of factors will come into play in the selection process, everything from cost of materials to ease of installation, maintenance requirements and weatherization properties. Perhaps most importantly, our seasoned professionals can assist in selecting the proper siding for a given project, taking into account such variables as topography, location, and surrounding landscape designs. The options we offer are varied and extensive and include such siding types as:


Cedar Siding and Related Cedar Products

Cedar Beveled Siding - In Stock

Type / Description1/2 X 61/2 X 83/4 X 10
WRC Clear FJ Primed Beveled Siding
Prime Lock EWP Beveled Siding

Cedar Shakes, Shingles and Shim - In Stock

Type / DescriptionAvailability
1/2 Sq. 18" Primed & Sanded Western Red Shingles
Box - 1/2 Sq. 18" Grooved Primed Shakes
Box - 1/2 Sq. 18" Natural Grooved Shakes
Box - 1/2 Sq. 18" Smooth Fit Shakes
Bundle - 18" Barn Shakes / Western Red Cedar
Bundle - 16" Undercourse (3 Bundle/Sq.) 10-10
Bundle - Builder Shims
Shims - Millwork Pine (14 Count)