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MAY:         Tuesday, 5/23 – Topic to be announced
JUNE:       Tuesday, 6/20 – Topic to be announced
JULY:        Tuesday, 7/18 – Topic to be announced
AUGUST:  Tuesday, 8/22 – Topic to be announced

TRG Meetings provide the perfect venue where remodelers and contractors can come together to gain a better sense of what’s going on in their industry and in this area. Attendees are able to network with fellow building industry professionals to share best practices and explore how they can work together. It is an opportunity to learn about and discuss new regulations and laws and to gain information about new products and cost-effective services.

There’s something to be gained from every TRG Meeting, so mark the above dates on your calendar and register early. Additional information about each meeting will be announced as we get closer to each scheduled meeting date.

All meetings will be held at K.C. Prime, 4160 Quakerbridge Road, Lawrenceville, NJ
Cocktails at 5:30 pm                  Dinner at 6:30 pm                Admission Fee: $35

Call your HBS sales associate or Armida at 609-587-4020 to reserve your spot.


Building a new screened porch? Repairing, expanding or remodeling an existing one? Then you’re sure to appreciate SCREENEZE®, the patented fixed screen system that can span openings up to 150 square feet. That’s 3x the normal coverage provided by other screen systems. No longer are your designs restricted due to the screening material dimensions available with other systems. SCREENEZE® features an aluminum base and vinyl cap that snap together to secure the screen fabric, allowing the system to uniformly stretch and secure the screen. SCREENEZE® can be installed on the inside, outside or center of any traditional porch design, allowing you to avoid scaffolding during installation.

Even repairs are easier! In most systems, if you get a tear in the screen, you have to take the entire system out to replace screening. However, this is not the case with SCREENEZE®. Simply remove the vinyl cap, replace the screen, put the vinyl cap back on and trim the excess screen. Ask us for more information and check out SCREENEZE® the next time you visit our Hamilton showroom.



Marvin® Windows & Doors has announced several improvements to their Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation window… Most notably, a newly redesigned locking system that delivers intuitive operation and improved installation tolerances. These new enhancements create a more seamless experience for everyone, every step of the way. The improved Ultimate Double Hung features a simplified, centralized locking system that revolves around one centralized lock point at the center of the top check-rail. The new system replaces previous through jamb locking points and provides for intuitive operation and easier installation, making a great window even better!



Each day in the United States, at least nine people are killed and over 1,000 more are injured in vehicular accidents that are attributed to distracted driving. This gives the U.S. the dubious distinction of having a higher incidence of distracted driving accidents than Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom!

Distracted driving falls into three distinct categories:
Visual distractions – where the driver takes his/her eyes off the road;
Manual distractions – when the driver takes his/her hands off the steering wheel; and
Cognitive distractions – where the driver is thinking about something other than the road ahead and conditions around him/her.
Based on those categories, distracted driving activities include such things as using a cell phone, texting and eating. Even navigation systems can be a distraction. While all of these activities can endanger the driver and others, texting while driving is by far the biggest threat since it combines all three types of distractions and actually takes the driver’s attention away from the road more frequently and for longer periods of time than any other distraction. A 2011 study of distracted driving by the CDC revealed that 69% of drivers polled reported talking on their cell phones while driving and 31% reported that they had read or sent text or email messages while driving at least once within the 30 days prior to their participation in the survey.

While many states and the Federal government have or are in the process of using graduated driver licensing systems for teen drivers and/or are enacting laws that ban texting while driving, the effects of these legal measures are still being evaluated. New Jersey bans hand-held cell phones along with texting while driving for all drivers and also bans all cell phone usage for school bus drivers, and drivers with learner’s permits and intermediate licensing. Pennsylvania bans texting for all drivers but leaves the hand-held option to local town ordinances. No provision exists under Pennsylvania law with regard to school bus drivers or those with learner’s permits or intermediate licenses.

The following is a list of the things each of us can do to prevent distracted driving:
• Never text and drive and always stay focused and alert while driving.
• Speak out if the driver in your car is distracted.
• Encourage your co-workers, friends and family members to designate their vehicles a “no phone” zone while driving.
• Spread the word and get involved in promoting safe driving in your community.
• On the home front, make a family pledge and have other members of your family commit to distraction-free driving.
• Set a positive example for young drivers by putting your cell phone away every time you get behind the wheel.

Information contained in this article was taken from www.cdc.gov/Motorvehiclesafety/Distracted_Driving

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