Wednesday, March 1, 2017, 9am to 5pm at the Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, PA

Why should you attend? Here are seven simple reasons:
• Over 170 Exhibits
• No Admission Fee when You Pre-Register
• New Product Demos
• FREE CEC’s for Architects
• FREE Food, Drinks and Parking
• Gaming Casino on Site
• Katz Roadshow Returns to IDEAS

Pre-registration is easy! Register online at, or by calling your HBS sales associate or Armida at 609-587-4020. And this year, we’ve made it even easier to attend with our FREE bus service to and from the show.
The bus will depart from our Production Building at 9 am on March 1st and will leave the Valley Forge Casino
Resort at 3:30 pm for its return trip back to Hamilton Building Supply.
Space is limited, so reserve your seat now with Armida at 609-587-4020.


Friday, March 3rd – 7:30am to 2:30pm

Hamilton Building Supply, 65 Klockner Road, Hamilton, NJ

Master Your Craft… If you believe in Quality Craftsmanship, you don’t want to miss this FREE event!
Learn how to work smarter and work faster using the latest tools and tips from industry experts. Take advantage of special discounts, giveaways and coupons for some of the best tools and materials in the industry. Enjoy the free hot breakfast and the free lunch compliments of  Hamilton Building Supply and our sponsoring vendors.
Reserve your space today by calling your HBS sales associate or Armida at 609-587-4020.
You can also choose to register online at


Save The Dates And Plan On Attending

February:       Wednesday, February 22nd The Remodelers Group
Topic:              Using Math and A Construction Calculator for Increased Profitability

March:            Tuesday, March 28th
Topic:             “Getting To Know Each Other” Night

Place:       K.C. Prime, 4160 Quakerbridge Road, Lawrenceville, NJ
Time:       Cocktails at 5:30 pm; Dinner at 6:30 pm
Fee:          $35.00 ($40 for all reservations received after August 16th)
RSVP:       609-587-4020 (Ask for Armida)

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Twenty-five percent of all injuries in the construction field are back injuries, with construction workers scoring the second highest rate of back injuries of any industry, with the exception of the transportation industry. Statistics show that each year, 1 out of every 100 construction workers will miss work due to a back injury, with the length of time lost from the job ranging anywhere from 7 to 30 workdays. Low-back injuries due to lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and/or pulling materials are, by far, the most common.
Since by its nature, construction involves physically demanding tasks carried out repeatedly over the period of many hours, construction workers need to approach the job in such a way as to reduce the risk of suffering back injuries. Here are some tips that should prove helpful:
• Prior to undertaking a task that involves heavy lifting, be sure to warm up your muscles. It’s also advantageous to get your brain mentally ready for the task ahead.
• Make sure floors and walkways on the job site are clear and dry. Slips and trips figure prominently in back injuries.
• Cut down on carrying. Whenever possible, have materials delivered close to where they will be used.
• Try to store heavier materials at waist height and whenever possible, raise your task to waist height.
• Use carts, dollies, forklifts and hoists to move materials.
• To get a good grip on odd-shaped loads, use carrying tools with handles.
• When lifting materials that weigh more than 50 lbs., either use a cart or enlist the aid of another worker.
• When carrying or lifting materials, keep the load as close to your body as possible.
• Avoid twisting your body while lifting and lowering materials. Instead turn your entire body.
• Don’t jerk your body. Lift and lower materials in a smooth and steady motion.
• When picking materials up off the ground, try to support yourself by leaning on something stable.
• Don’t bend over while lifting. Instead, kneel on one knee and pull the load up onto your knee before standing.
(It’s also helpful to use knee pads when you kneel.)
• Learn to take a rest break when you get tired. It’s far too easy to sustain an injury when you are tired.
While back belts may help someone who is recovering from a back injury, a recent government study by NIOSH found no evidence that back belts can prevent injuries. Don’t depend on them to protect you. Instead, keep the tips listed above in mind and avoid lifting in a careless manner.

Information contained in this article was obtained from the Electronic Library of Construction Safety & Health;
from and from the CCOHS (Canadian Center for Occupational Health & Safety).

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