IDEAS 2017

Valley Forge Casino Resort, King of Prussia, PA, Wednesday, March 1st, 9am to 5pm

This year marks the 8th year for the IDEAS TRADE SHOW, and every year the show gets bigger and better than the year before! The IDEAS Show is the perfect opportunity for independent dealers, their employees, contractors, architects, designers and tradesmen to view all the latest products from top building industry manufacturers, visit with key people in the LBM industry, and enjoy free food and beverages right on the show floor. This year, Gary Katz will be back demonstrating the most efficient ways by which industry pros can work smarter … work faster … and make more money. Add to this mix the ambiance and excitement of the Valley Forge Casino Resort with its great restaurant choices, and IDEAS is truly a winning combination. Online registration will be available later in December at www.IDEASshow.org.


 Frame-To-Finish Carpentry Clinic with Mike Sloggatt

Hamilton Building Supply, 65 Klockner Road, Hamilton, NJ, Friday, March 3rd, 7:30am to 2:30pm

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn both innovative hi-tech and seasoned techniques for tackling today’s tough job sites. The day starts with a complimentary hot breakfast and the chance to meet and exchange ideas with manufacturer representatives as well as your industry peers. The day’s schedule will include four informative sessions dealing with such issues as waterproofing, precision layout for maximum efficiency and window, trim and door installation, to name just a few. Lunch is free also! HBS will be sending out additional information and registration details about this event after the New Year.


Because of the Holiday Season, The Remodelers Group will not meet in December. Its next meeting will be in January 2017, and we will be sending out information about that meeting shortly after the Christmas holidays.


Forget socks, after shave and candies! How about a powerful mini flashlight? A screwdriver with interchangeable bits? Leather work gloves? Hamilton Building Supply has a wealth of small hand tools and accessories to liven up any Christmas stocking. Besides tools, our HBS Gift Cards make terrific gifts! Available in the denomination of your choosing, they can be used towards the purchase of any tool or building material in our inventory … and best of all, they never expire. So stop in and pick up some different and unique stocking stuffers for the handyman in your family!


It’s simple… It’s fast… Most people don’t even see it coming… But the number and extent of the injuries people sustain each year as a result of a trip, slip or fall is staggering. Statistics tell us that over 12,000 people die every year as a result of a fall and approximately 5% of those fatal falls occur on the job. Add to that the astonishing fact that on an annual basis, more than 33,000 people suffer disabling injuries from falling on stairs. But the truth of the matter is that most falls occur on level ground due to wet or worn surfaces and obstructions or obstacles that were left in the way. What may be the most surprising of all is that the vast majority of people injured from falls simply were not paying enough attention to what they were doing and did not notice the hazardous conditions surrounding them. While most falls are minor and result in little more than a bruised ego, a serious slip, trip or fall can have dire consequences including back or spine injuries; muscle strains and sprains; torn ligaments; broken bones and even death.

What can all of us do to help prevent injuries from falls at home and in the workplace? Simply pay attention
to your surroundings! Here are some tips for preventing trips, slips and falls:
• Clean up spills, drips and leaks immediately.
• Sand icy spots immediately and tread carefully.
• Wear shoes with nonskid soles made of materials that resist oils and acids.
• Avoid turning sharply when you walk on a slippery surface.
• Walk slowly and shuffle your feet on wet, slippery or uneven surfaces.
• When on the job, report hazards immediately.

Do you go up and down stairs frequently at home or on the job? Falling down stairs usually results in a more serious injury, so never run up or down the stairs. Take your time. Check the stairs in your home and in your workplace for secure hand rails, non-slip surfaces and adequate lighting. If you notice any unsafe condition, take steps to have it corrected immediately. Ladder safety is another concern, particularly at this time of the year when so many of us are hanging lights for the Christmas holidays. Remember the 4-to-1 rule: Divide the number of rungs from the support point (where the ladder rests against the wall) to the ground and then divide that by 4. This is the number of feet the bottom of the ladder should be from the wall. When using a stepladder, make sure you are placing it on a level surface, face the ladder and hold on with both hands when climbing; center your weight between the rails and never use the top two stepladder rungs or top four ladder rungs. Finally, never go near power lines or electricity with a metal ladder.
If you should suffer a slip, trip or fall, it’s best to get medical attention ASAP. Fall injuries can result in serious problems that may not surface for days after the actual incident. Always best to make sure nothing is torn, sprained or broken!.

This article contains information published by OSHA(www.osha.gov) and from the National Safety Council




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